Online Ordering For Herbalife Distributors

I received an email from My Orderline yesterday evening at around 4.28pm. The email goes like this…

Dear Distributor,

We are glad to announce the launch of our 1st ever Online Ordering to you starting from Sep 21, 2010 to all TAB Team member and will roll out to all distributors in early October 2010.

We attached a copy of the flyer and user guide for your reference.  You may also find the Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia version on  Thank you.



As for me, Yes… this Online Ordering is useful especially for Pick Up orders that needs to be completed immediately for our customers or by ourselves at Herbalife Office either in KL or KK.

However, this Online Ordering only accept credit card payment. The credit card details must first registered with Herbalife before you can perform the Online Ordering transactions. Because during Checkout time, the credit card details that has registered with Herbalife will appear in the ordering system for the payment.

For those distributors that does not have credit card, then they still need Herbalife to do the ordering.

As I can see, this system does benefit both the staffs and also Herbalife distributors. It’s more convenient and faster as Herbalife distributors we ourselves will be the one to control those orders like when to process the orders. As for Herbalife staffs, this will help them to lessen the burden to process orders for those distributors that is holding credit card payment for the ordering.

Just got an order, I am going to try out the Online Ordering for Herbalife Distributors :)