Employee Confidence Index

Do you know JobStreet? JobStreet is the hottest site for job hunting. I personally found my jobs through JobStreet. Looking for job has been a history for me, because I don’t need to hunt for job. I am my own boss.

Let’s continue on about JobStreet. Jobstreet did a survey on Employee Confidence Index, which is is a measure of a jobseeker’s confidence in finding a job. It ranges from zero (very poor) to 100 (very good). A low index shows a tough job market where many people find it difficult to get a job. A high index shows a comfortable job market where many people are able to secure a good job.

Click here to find out the results of the survey..

It seems that it is harder in getting a job in Malaysia, no wonder.. it has been predicted that Network Marketing business will be the hottest career in the next century.

Ask yourself, why are you afraid of Network Marketing business? Cause you don’t like to talk to people? Cause you don’t want to be a sales person? You don’t need to do all this if you are using Internet as a tool for prospecting. My friend Mike has explained how you can attract those people by applying simple technique called Magnetic Sponsoring.


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